Who we are?

Why We Exist?

Growth is only Evidence of Life”- John Henry Newman

The world is changing at rapid pace with advent of Technology such as Internet, Artificial Intelligence and so are the requirements of humans. More and more organisations are struggling to manage the pace of this change and will not be able to cope on a standalone basis. To help businesses manage the ever changing world, they will need a strong partner to support either for growth by providing Skilled resources, developing right Technology to manage business change or guide them to take better decisions.

At Corient, we support Accountants and Businesses by providing Accounting, Payroll, Consulting, Back Office, Analytics, Management Information services by blending best of both- People and Technology.

Corient stands for Client (C) Oriented Company. All the things we do is undertaken with Our Clients at centre of it. We blend on our services with the state of the art processes (best in class) with your company culture to provide tailor made services to meet your requirements and help you focus on your core business.


Our value framework acts as a framework for what we should do and what we should not do. It helps us bind together with our clients, team members, suppliers, communities and country at large.


We conduct our business ethically, with honesty and transparency.We deliver what we commit.


We seek to achieve and maintain highest level of quality in our performance.

We strive to exceed the global standards in whatever we do by using imagination,
creativity and innovation..


We treasure differences between people and harness each other’s abilities to deliver results beyond expectations.We inspire, support each other and strive to do what needs to be done to achieve our


We constantly aim for enriched and meaningful growth and are never satisfied with status quo.We grow personally and professionally through continuous learning and improvement.


We act with insight, understanding and compassion. We work towards betterment of all our stakeholders including employees, clients, associates, partners, suppliers, society, country and environment at large.

Our Core Purpose

We use our 3 Levers in different ways which will Enable Practices Become Future Firms:

We work with our clients in any one of the 3 Pillars mentioned above to ensure Businesses Become Next Generation Enterprises. We are extremely passionate about what we do. By using either of the 3 Pillars, Our Goal is to help our Clients Grow. This can mean growth in terms of revenue, profitability, better processes, less human requirement, better work life balance, achieving personal or professional aspirations, etc.

What We Will do to Achieve Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services across spectrum to Small and Medium Enterprises/ Professional Companies across globe enabling them to focus on their core business. We will use our best assets i.e people and technology to deliver the services. We will help our clients grow and effectively compete with the large corporates, ever changing and challenging business environment. We will continuously evolve ourselves to better our services and offerings and not shy away from any new challenges. We will build robust, integrated and efficient systems for our clients that even large corporate will be envy of us. We will build highest trust and relationship with the clients so that we become go to company for them

While delivering the above goal, we will follow our values to the core which is integrity, team work, excellence and contribution. We will be the best place to work for and will develop our people through continuous mentoring and by giving them inclusive growth environment. We will share the success of the company with our employees making large numbers of them wealthy.